Walking as exercise

There’s so many different types of exercise available but if you’re new to exercise or need something a bit less strenuous you may think, what’s wrong with walking?

Nothing! Walking is an excellent form of exercise that can help you lose weight (so long as you are creating a calorie deficit, as with any form of exercise) and become fitter.

Walking is free, kind to joints and you can do it anywhere. It offers so many incredible health and fitness benefits, including boosting your immunity, strengthening your bones and even improving your sleep quality.



What are anthocyanins? All brightly coloured fruit and veg contain antioxidants, these help protect our bodies. Many naturally purple hued foods contain a certain type of antioxidants called anthocyanin. Research suggests that anthocyanin has a wide variety of health claims including longevity, cardiovascular health and cognitive function. Anthocyanins are found in açai berries, blackberries, blackcurrants, blueberries, aubergine and red cabbage.

Eating out tonight?

Eating out tonight? Here’s my top tips to dining out and losing weight:

~Know what’s on the menu before hand, this way you’ll know if you need to leave room for dessert.

~Eat a handful of nuts or fresh fruit before so you don’t arrive famished.

~Don’t skip lunch so you can eat more.

~Say no to the bread basket.

~Limit the empty calories from alcohol.

~Salads are healthy, the dressings aren’t!

~Share dessert or go for fruit or sorbet.

~Have a good evening.

Calorie Calculator

How to work out your daily calorie intake. To begin with work out your basic metabolic rate (BMR) – The amount of calories you burn a day at rest. Multiply your BMR by the category you fall in. It’s a good base to know how many calories are appropriate for your weight, height and activity level. Although calorie counting can work for some not all have weight loss success. In addition, calories aren’t all equal. 200 calories in an avocado is far more nutritious than 200 calories of chips. Contact me for help.